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Online ping testing from multiple locations worldwide can be done here at ip-info.org. You can check which ping times your internet connection has from different countries and continents. Our servers are located in 8 different data centers around the world. Thus, you can make a comprehensive picture of what quality your Internet connection.

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The ping measures the length of time that a data packet takes from the sender to the receiver. During the measurement, several data packets are sent after a short waiting time and the value is averaged. The latency or delay time is another important factor for the assessment of the quality of the internet connection.

  Sweden - Stockholm
  Germany - Frankfurt
  Brazil - São Paulo
  USA - Los Angeles
  South Africa - Johannesburg
  Hong Kong
  Australia - Sydney
  Canada - Montreal

How do we measure the ping times?

We determine the ping time by sending small data packets from different data centers around the world. If the server or router is online and sends a response back to us, we can measure the time it took for the packet to go back and forth. The determined value is also called the round trip time or RTT (Round Trip Time). In addition to download and upload speed, the ping is another important size to rate the quality of Internet access.

Round Trip Time (RTT)

The transmitted signals are combined into packets in the IP protocol. These packages have a maximum data size of about 65KBytes. With the Round Trip Time the time is measured how much time a data packet between transmitter and receiver and back again needs. Therefore, the round-trip delay is another alternative term is the Round Trip Deleay (RTD), ping time, ping time or just ping.

Why are there different ping times?

The Rounf Trip Time or the ping times resulted from two main features. Firstly, electrical signals need time, even if they propagate at almost the speed of light. On the other hand, the signals or data packets are not directly, but by several routers and switches slides, which also cause delays. An additional component is that the data packets do not always have to take the most direct route and take detours.

Online ping test from worldwide locations
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