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With ip-info.org you can find out your current IP address and much important information. We show you the location (geodata) of the IP address as well as ping times from different data centers all over the world. This information is interesting to you if you run your own cloud.

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The ping measures the length of time that a data packet takes from the sender to the receiver. During the measurement, several data packets are sent after a short waiting time and the value is averaged. The latency or delay time is another important factor for the assessment of the quality of the internet connection.

  Sweden - Stockholm
  Germany - Frankfurt
  Brazil - São Paulo
  USA - Los Angeles
  South Africa - Johannesburg
  Hong Kong
  Australia - Sydney
  Canada - Montreal


The IP address offers the following web services. This means that the following ports are open or closed. This will help you quickly determine which services are available on the server. The system ports are standardized and offer fixed services. The system ports are defined from 0 to 1023, we show a small selection of the most important ports.

  FTP - Port 21
  SSH - Port 22
  SMTP - Port 25
  DNS - Port 53
  HTTP - Port 80

Convert IP address to integer

The usual way of writing an IP address consists of four numbers (value range 0 to 255), each separated by a period. Alternatively, an IP address may be represented by an integer / integer.
Dotted Decimal Notation:
Integer Notation: 921496124

Who owns this IP address

IP addresses are officially assigned to companies and organizations. It follows that an assignment of IP address to the respective owner of the IP address can be established. With our powerful service, you can query the stored information for any IP address.

What is my address? How can I locate the IP address?

With this website you can have the location for each IP address displayed for free. The exact position can be visualized very well with the embedded map. Since the IP addresses are assigned to organizations and companies, deviations from the actual location may occur.

How many IP addresses are there in total?

The Internet Protocol version 4 has 2 high 32 address, so these are 4,294,967,296 addresses. If the Internet Protocol version 6 is used, then 2 high 128 IP addresses can be addressed.


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